Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where are all the people that have some feckin initiative?

I might have got it.
Why I feel so pissed off at the lack of help and support.

I am not the kind of person who sits around and waits to be asked or to be told when I comes to helping out. I use this thing - I think they even have a word for it - initiative

For those still not understanding me
1. The power or ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task; enterprise and determination.
2. A beginning or introductory step; an opening move: took the initiative in trying to solve the problem.

So I find it rather frustrating to not only have my hands tied by an illness as debilitating as Fibromylagia {and the chronic pain and fatigue that it so conveniently joined at the hip} but the fact that everyone around me seems to be totally void of feckin initiative!!

Come on people! Its not that hard.

I am the person who:
  • cooks dinner when you are babysitting my children.
  • folds the washing that was sitting on the floor while we had coffee at your house.
  • washes the dishes after a meal at your place.
  • puts away the toys my kids have pulled out while visiting.
  • turns up just to drop of a meal or baking when you need a hand (baby/sickness/stress).
  • takes your child so you can go to the hairdresser/clothes shopping/groceries without the stress of little Tommy.
  • Has your kids for sleep overs because I know you then get some time out.
  • Cleans your toilet if I arrive and your are cleaning the shower.
  • I will make things I know you like, even when I costs me more than I can afford and ask nothing in return.
  • I will say yes to helping even when it means rearranging my plans/day/week/family because you are my friends and I want to help where I can.
  • I go about researching and finding out information that might help when you need it.
  • I will ask how you are and keep asking when I know you aren't telling me the truth.
  • I will do my best to know I have done at least something in my power to help!
 So this is why I find it hard to ask out right for exactly what I need. I have been efficient and sufficient at not only fixing my world but also viewing the world around me with where to help. I get hurt and I get pissed off when I see people can't use some simple initiative {ask my husband he knows this too well} 

 If you just stopped focusing on yourself for one minute and thought about one thing you could do to make someone else's life easier, less painful, more supported, more connected. This my friends is the starting of something beautiful. 


  1. OMG you just describe me! I know exactly how you feel, it totally sucks that no one else can think for themselves to even take their plate out to the sink after they've finished eating..."oh so i have to clean up after you too!!". Why does FM happen to people like us? why can't it happen to the lazy arse people so that they can just continue being loss of productivity or radical change to their way of life. Perhaps it happens to us because we can handle it....even though it's a struggle, but it won't break us....not quite. We have the inner strength to not let it beat us, even in the darkest times when we feel like giving in.

  2. Well said Jess, and I hope the message gets through to some of the people who need to hear it. xo


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