Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tutorials - Drawstring bag

I love sewing but seeing I'm not that good at just whipping things up out of thin air I tend to use patterns or online tutorials. I thought I would roll out a new segment for the 'ol blog - Tuesday Tutorials. I will find and make something throughout the week and then let you guys know how it went and where I got it from.

Today's big mission was a bag - a library bag to be exact. Jaybug has library tomorrow at school and needed a bag. I wanted something a little more than a basic pillowcase draw string but I needed something within my beginner sewing skills.

I found this tutorial over a In Color Order

Sourced from In Color Order

I loved the idea of more than one fabric, practicing my box corners and also lining techniques. The Tutorial is really simple to follow and has great clear instructions.

The lined drawstring bag ends up measuring 10" tall, 7" wide - so not quite big enough for a library bag - but I'm sure it will have plenty of uses from toys, to nappies and wipes for in my handbag, changes of clothes. It is the perfect size if it was lined with PUL or something waterproof it would be perfect for wet/dirty nappies when out.

So here's what I got!

I then decided I enjoyed making it so much I could probably work out making a bigger one. So I scaled up the measurements and made a bigger version that would fit Jaybugs books in for tomorrow's library day.

So now I have two bags, one big, one small and one super great Tuesday Tutorial!

 Tutorial for the Lined Drawstring Bag can be found here at In Color Order.


  1. Isn't that the quickest and easiest bag you've ever made? Yours look great! SO far I've just made the first one but I see myself making more :-)

  2. Those are SUPER cute. I'd carry my books in one for sure. :)


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