Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tutorials - Last Minute Valentines Day Cards

Happy Valentines Day! I thought today I would share my own tutorial on making easy valentines cards with only a few tools - for those last minute needed cards!

These are just three simple cards all designed and made with the same basic tools. Each card took less than five minutes to make, which means there is no excuse not to whip up a few at a time!

So the how-to: I used tools and papers which were in my stash and I'm sure you can find something in yours, or at last resort beg, borrow, buy or substitute.

  • A paper trimmer
  • Roller tape or glues dots, double sided tape, mounting squares etc
  • Pop dots
  • A heart punch
  • A boarder punch
  • Scraps of paper (Yes this is the perfect time to bust out the horded bits I couldn't throw away)
  • Cardstock - I like to use American Crafts AC cardstock or Bazzill Basics but even pre-cut and folded cards will be fine

If using cardstock trim it to the size you want and fold in half - there are many different sizes and styles of cards so play around with different sizes to get different looks.

I then punched out a bunch of hearts out of different scraps of paper from my stash, including patterned papers, plain papers and cardstock.

Next play around with placement ideas for your card before sticking anything on. And remember it is your card so be inventive and play around with how you want it to look, alternatively you could remake card ideas you have seen.

Once you have decided on design stick away. I used pop up dots for the hearts to give them effect but you can just stick them down if you don't have any available.

Here are the cards I came up with - one for each of the school teachers and one for the hubby.

Jaybugs Teacher
The Hubby

Quacks Teacher.
NB. I used a Fiskars border punch for along my card edges but this is merely decorative, don't race out and buy one unless, of course, you have been waiting for the right excuse to!

Then for inside the card. I always like to use another piece of paper stuck inside to write on.  
For these cards I used a light coloured patterned paper and matching mini brads for an added something.

Trim paper to fit inside of card - I always like to leave a small border of the card popping through so make the inside paper slightly smaller.

s.e.i chick-a-dee tiny bubbles paper

I then stick then inside paper down with roller tape and then make holes for my mini brads with a super handy big long pokey needle I have for crafting - of course a yarn needle or point of scissors will do the same job.

Awesome brads picked up at Spotlight NZ for $2 a pack.

I placed the brads in the top left corner and bottom right corner, but you can place them anywhere or no where at all.

Hey presto! Super simple Valentines cards finished.

Hope you have a lovely Valentines and if you haven't managed to get your sweetest something whip up a quick card. Nothing says I love you and appreciate you like a home made card!
(remember Valentines is a great time to tell everyone you appreciate that they are special, not just your Mr or Mrs Loveydovey)

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