Friday, February 3, 2012

What have I become?

So it seems maybe my blog has been a little caught up in too much FACT of life lately. I am struggling to find my bloggy voice and remember where this all started. It was a time when I was in need of an outlet to speak about how I was feeling and to meet other people "out there" who may know what I was talking about. It seems lately I have become a little too scared to speak about some of these things and instead I have fallen into the "documenting life" category. <sigh>

I also saw my blog as somewhere to share and enjoy my craftings. This too has been little and far from found at the moment. With moving the craft side of things kinda slowed down a little but I have still had the odd project on the go but just haven't found the inspiration to share. I want to be able to create enough to open a online store filled with things I love and I have made with love. The reality is now with the space in our new house and the time with two at school this is a goal within my reach.

So what am I trying to say? Well really I don't like what my blog has become. Yes I am documenting important pieces of our lives and some really big parts of our journey at this point in time. But I want to find more time to be real to what this was originally purposed for. So I'm sure I will still keep up-to-date on the day to day livings of our family - as this plays a major part in who I am.
But I also want to give myself a big push towards writing things I feel strongly about, getting up at 11pm when I feel inspiration and jotting down the things that are whirling in my head, I want to share what I am creating and ask for ideas and inspiration on what my bloggy pals are creating too.

I often find myself looking at some fabulous blogs and bloggers and wondering how I will ever measure up to them in blogland. The truth is, I don't need to. I just need to fill my own piece of blogspace with me and what I want and need to say.

So I may have done a blog overhaul. One thing is for sure I don't want to just be filling my space with boring life events that wouldn't even excite my Grandmother! This is my empty page to fill the way I like, you don't have to like it but if you do that would be super awesome too. Because at the end of the day this is about finding those friends across the links of pages who you see, read or hear something that makes you think, you know what I would love to get to know that person a little better, or they have been through something I have, or I like the way they etc etc.

So dear blog get ready for something a little different??
I might even find myself some linky's that I can actually stick to!
And I think I might just have to work out some post-scheduling - thanks Simone for some great advice from your blogging mojo post!

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