Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Day

Today is Jaybugs first day at school.

Seeing we moved and all, it was also Quacks first day at our new local primary school on Monday.

Today we celebrate our little girl entering the school world and becoming a big girl. If we were still in New Zealand she wouldn't be starting school for another four months when she turns five in May. But here if you are turning five before the 31st of July for that year you may start school at the beginning of the school year. If you turn five after the 1st of August you have to start the following year. So a beginner at school may be four, five or six years old (as you legally don't have to begin school until 6 years old).

When we met with the principal on Friday he said that Jaybug was in the younger of the starters and we didn't have to send her if we weren't ready. I looked him in the eye and said "she is ready all right and Mum is ready for her to go." He laughed and said "right Kinda it is!"
Here in Australia they have grades - Kindergarten to year 6. So Jaybugs first year is in Kindergarten where at home she would have gone into year 0 and completed a part year before commencing year 1 at the beginning of next year. So she is what they call at Kin-da kid this year in infant school (which Quack is still apart of in year 2 here, he would have been year 3 at home but it translate to year 2 here)

I love the idea that all the children start fresh on the same day of the year. The all get to be new and nervous together - and that goes for the parents as well. It has been such a big move here but both Bubba and I know that nothing could be better for Jaybug than to start school and get her involved with other children. I am looking forward to a few grumpy dinner times and a few morning tears about putting on uniforms but I know she will be fine. Jaybug is more than ready with being able to communicate clearly and for what she wants and needs, she is able to interact with other children and she loves to be on task doing things. She is very vocal and likes lots of attention, is very stubborn, determined and tells some interesting stories - hence school teacher it is now your turn to assist me in developing this young girl into a young lady.

Jaybug today Dad and I are both so proud of you, as I know so are your other Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends. You are growing up too quickly but you are doing it all at your pace. You might frustrate me at times with you stubborn streak and a little bit of attitude but I know if you put it behind your learning and our beliefs you will become a very dedicated student and a loyal friend.
We can't wait to see you grow and blossom throughout this school year and develop lots of new skills. Your big brother is there to guide you and help whenever he can, although he may not admit it in front of his new mates but he is super excited you with him in this new adventure.
We look forward to seeing you build new friendships and find out who you are and what you like to do. Your little brother will be lost without you. But its ok, Mum will look after him and try to do fun things with him like you used to. We love you lots and are always here for you. You are a star sparkling in our sky, lighting up our lives. May you always be as bright and as happy as you are today.

~:~ A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.  ~Author Unknown ~:~

xxx  your loving Family  xxx

P.s Your teacher just rang to say you at all your lunch at morning tea so I have just had to run over and give you some more - such a Jaybug thing to do. I just laughed and said "Only Jaybug!" Never change my precious girl, and you were still smiling and laughing too which is a good sign.

This is the kids Friday sports Uniform

Fair Aussies if I might say so myself.


  1. Hehehe Jaybug, eating all your lunch at morning tea! You are a character.

    Tear-inducing words to your only daughter Jess (I totally welled up lol). I know she is your princess and you have every right to be proud of her. She is a beautiful child and I have every faith she will grow into an intelligent, compassionate and lovely young lady with your guidance and love (and Bubba's too of course). And of course we are cheering you on Jaybug, Bean is most unimpressed he can't start "big school" as well hahahaha. :)

  2. They look quite grown up in their uniforms. Lovely words to your children Jess. Hope they enjoy the new school and you all setlle in, it takes time as I know.

  3. Cool stuff jess awesome way to keep in the link of my gkids ever changing tomorrows.Love you all Dad.

  4. Aw, first days at school are spesh!

  5. What precious pics! Such a different system but good that they all start together!

  6. Zac and JJ look just awesome in their uniforms, so so glad you are all doing so well over there, We all miss you guys heaps, can't wait to come over and visit.......
    Deb and Don xxx

    Love the sewing projects, you are doing so so well........


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