Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Staring Down Memory Lane

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I remember when my eyes used to sparkle,
my cheeks hurt from grinning,
and tears rolled down my face - from laughing too hard.

I remember dreaming about tomorrow,
What could be.
Excitement and anticipation.
Feeling life was truly a gift.

I remember socializing,
enjoying the company of others,
trying new things.

I remember singing,
and listening to music,
Way too loud.

I remember living life,
and every opportunity it presented.
I was confident and happy with who I was.
Pushing myself into the unknown.
Chasing dreams.

I remember being fun,
having fun,
looking for fun,
and enjoying fun.

I remember someone I can't see any more.
When did I change?

Was it a slow morphing - noticeable to those looking on?
Or was it some Sudden, Abrupt, Transformation.
Where did the other me go?

Am I forever lost,
doomed to stare down memory lane.
Remembering someone that was?

Or is this just a part of growing up?

It hurts so much to remember a life so full,
so fun,
so satisfying.
So I try to push it down, far away from my mind.

The slap in the face.
The wake up call.
The chasing down of reality.
This is who I am now.

 Joining in with Latte Junkie for Lyrical Sunday (even though its Tuesday....)


  1. Oh, I so feel this poem. Thank you for joining in. I love reading real raw poems and this one resonates with me in so many ways.

    Welcome on board Lyrical Sunday :D

  2. Very brave piece of writing and many feelings you describe I am sure many mothers can relate to in particular. I sometimes feel that way - it's overwhelming and painful. Other times I realise I'll look back on the memories I'm making right now in awe and marvel at them. It's a different chapter of life, so very different from the one before, but all part of life's rich tapestry. Loved reading your poem and so look forward to reading more, Sarah x


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