Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello stuff!

Well our consignment was finally delivered on Tuesday. It feels like a very long time it has all been gone but then with so much happening in between we haven't missed it too much. A lady in a truck arrived with our goods and informed me that it had been stated no unpack necessary. Hmmm! We pay for this service. I at least wanted our washing machine and television unpacked to insure no damage and that it still worked. But someone, somewhere had decided that it didn't need to be unpacked and if I wanted our stuff now I had to agree, otherwise it would be brought back when they had time to send more people with the consignment. Which with the time it has taken them to get it from Sydney to us I imagine could be quite some time.

So this is what we got:

So my mission for Tuesday afternoon was to unpack as soon as possible to check for anything broken or damaged so that we may claim back on our shipping insurance. I was asked to sign paperwork which stated I had received the goods in the same condition in which they were taken. I asked the woman how on earth I was meant to sign this without seeing the goods. She answered me with either I signed it and got my goods, or I didn't sign and they were put back in her truck - she also isn't on my list of favourite people since arrive in this country!

I thought my best attempt at making a claim, if one was needed, was to make sure I photographed each box, what was in it and the condition in which it arrived. This meant a lot of unpacking Tuesday afternoon and checking everything over which equals a very exhausted me! The positive is that nothing was broken and everything was tidy and put away in it's new home by dinner time, the TV was put together and installed on its new cabinet and the washing machine was plumbed and operational and doing its first load of washing! Yes I have a bit of a problem waiting for help and I didn't it all by myself before Bubba got home.

Jaybug was my helper - although I think she was more interested in finding her things only! She was my harping annoyance motivation to open all of the boxes listed with toys and books first. I then sorted into boxes of Quacks, Jaybugs and Squeaks. Next was linen and pictures, then washer, t.v and lastly Tupperware. 

The only box I still haven't unpacked is my craft stuff - as I don't quite have the picture in my head yet of what I want my craft room to look like and how I want to arrange things. So the box is sitting carefully in the front room awaiting inspiration. I am keenly searching pinterest and the internet for ideas....
So if anyone has any ideas or inspiration for me it would be much appreciated if left in the comments... Pictures or links kind received! 

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  1. That looks like a huge job! Good thing you had a helper... Thanks so much for commenting at Tangled Happy today. That was so nice! Wishing you a happy week. :)


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