Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crochet - not so granny after all

So as you can probably see we have been through a major upheaval of life recently and with this comes little structure and room for being creative and crafty - wrong!
I have found how much I truly love crochet during this busy time of life. I have found it easy to carry around a hook and a yarn or two. There are plenty of simple crochet patterns which can be taken out and about, in the car, on holiday.

At the moment my favourite yarn is Moda Vera - Marvel 100g balls (available from spotlight stores) It is an 8ply yarn (or double knit) which is able to be used for a large variety of projects and best of all it comes in a HUGE range colours and it is really affordable - which it needs to be as I can't just pick a colour or two...

I was seriously stuck when it came to crochet. I really wanted to be one of the cool kids (seems everyone who is anyone is crocheting right now). I was point in the right direction by Kristy over at Paisley Jade to learn the technique of granny squaring first. To be honest I was too caught up in wanting to make cool things to realise that some basics may be what was first need.
So over to Meet me at Mikes I was sent and what an amazing set of Granny Square 101 instructions it is. I was hooked - haha I know bad joke....
Seriously if you have tried and failed (as I did in the beginning) or are wanting to try crochet this is a seriously good place to learn the basics so you too can become one of the cool crochet kids!

After making a few squares I thought I was a bit too cool and moved on to other projects like headbands, hats, shoes and slippers. But the truth is when you are on the go your love for squares soon returns when pattern, internet, computers or paper fail to stick by you.

So here is what I have been working on for Miss Jaybug - and to be honest I am starting to get excited about finishing it as there has been plenty of time in the last week to Square away.

I don't really have a plan in mind just six colours and I'm going for it. I am hoping to have it complete very soon and will be sharing the finished blankie with you all.

What projects are you currently working on? Have you recently found a new hobby or craft? I would love to see. Leave me a link to your blog in the comments and I will pop over and have a look.
And if you are thinking you might like to try your hand at crochet pop over to Meet me at Mikes and try Pip's Granny Square 101

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