Friday, July 6, 2012

Russian Fudge - Fast and Easy

I think Russian fudge is wonderful, delectable, marvelous and positively scrumptious, but it takes a long time of delicately stirring and gently boiling to get this amazing fudge. It is a work of art that takes the right person with the right touch to get Russian fudge just right.

I tried to develop different methods for passing the tedious thirty minutes of standing in front of the stove (although some husbands have been known to say this is the rightful place of a wife!)
I have tried my favourite CD to listen to, movie or TV drama but it is still thirty minutes of standing and hoping that you get it just right.

So I thought there must be a better way??
And I found it!

The microwave....

Here is my recipe for Microwave Russian fudge:

The first thing is a LARGE bowl or jug - I used to use a pyrex 2 litre jug but now I use the bottom of my Tupperware stack cooker (3 litre) and lid.

3 cups white sugar
1/2 tin condensed milk
125g butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup milk
1 Tablespoon golden syrup
pinch of salt

  1. Place all ingredients into a LARGE microwave bowl.
  2. Stir to mix and cook on high (I do 80% for my Tupperware bowl) for 12-15 minutes stirring every 3 minutes, So I just do 3 minutes stir, another 3 minutes etc, until it is golden and thickening.
  3. Beat with electric beaters until thick.
  4. Pour into a well greased slice of square pan.
  5. Set aside to cool and set - if the temp is warm pop it in the fridge.
And voila! Russian fudge in no time at all!

WARNING! Russian Fudge is highly delicious and you may be caught eating far more than you should....

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  1. Oh, my gran used to make russian fudge in a giant stock pot. She'd make triple batches and we'd only get the edge pieces as all the other pieces were packed for church fetes etc.

    We used to pray for one batch to fail as it then became ice cream sauce :P

    I may have to try the microwave recipe. Must buy condensed milk :D

    PS: Welcome to the Sisterhood. :D


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