Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Crazy December

With only 8 sleeps left in New Zealand things have been pretty hectic around here - hence the lack of blog action. I thought I would sum up the last month with a collection of photo's I have managed to grab in a few quieter moments.

1. Visiting the Kauri Forrest was a day trip that My sister Mosie and I decided to do. We bundled three children into the van and off we went.
We went bush walking at Trounson Kauri Park

My camera then decided to run out of batteries so no pics with Tane Mahuta. We then came over a rise and found this view (which I drove into town for batteries and came back and captured)


It had clouded over a little by my camera batter mission return but it truly was like driving into paradise when we came over the brow. I had never seen anything like it.
We then tiki toured through to Paihia where we found an amazing dress shop in the alley (my Christmas day dress, Jaybug couldn't resist and had hers on immediately as pictured) and then ice cream

Mr O didn't like the "bits" (hokey pokey) in his ice cream and pulled them all out

2.  My spree of new glasses. I got my eyes checked and ended up getting some really nice FCUK (written down the side and given a lot of funny looks over. Have had to explain French Connection United Kingdom a lot) frames in purple, but also in the same week found clearly contacts that is a super cheap NZ glasses and contact site and brought a red pair and a brown pair too.

 3. I learned to make Pav. My mission was to learn to make a pavlova like my Mum so that when the Australians try to claim pavlova as their creation I have a good come back of my own. Here are my first 3 attempts as practice makes perfect.

1st Attempt - Mum never told me she doubled her recipe

Round 2 helpers

This was delicious and I was pretty amazed that I MADE THIS!

Practice makes perfect - mixed berries in the middle covered in choc flake and strawberries outside.

Bubba has now been informed that a Kitchenaid or I will settle for a Kenwood mixer is required for my new kitchen. I do have the secret recipe if anyone is interested - its really simple and taste amazing.

4. Family photos for Daddy (Bubba) while he is in Australia with the right amount of proper and silliness.

5. Things that restore my faith in Christmas - the Fire brigade in Kaiwaka set this up to raise money for child cancer. It was amazing.

6. Attempting to sell our Honda Stream before I head to Australia (awesome 7 seater if anyone is looking for one!)

7. My adorable wee man Squeak is too cute - he lightens my days when things get hard

That's Ribbon in hair, bare bum and Gumboots!

8. My challenge from my Auntie to make a gingerbread house!

Some crazy tired elves at 1am Christmas morning - working hard to impress

And I think I leave the Christmas post for tomorrow otherwise I am going to photo everyone out. I am looking forward to some quieter moments sometime soon so I can catch up on my favourite blogs....


  1. That view over the hill into Opononi is amazing - I remember being totally wowed by it too :)

  2. Lovely post! Not long now until your new adventure begins - eeek I can't wait to see you! You are looking FAB by the way!


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