Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 3 - 12 week body transformation

Week three is here which means I am 1/4 of the way through this twelve week commitment. I think I am getting to the stage where I am having to push myself a little harder. Old habits start to creep in but I am determined to pick myself up again when I fall. (NZ Toffee pops you are so good but I think our love affair has to end!)

We had a friends party on the weekend and I am waiting to see the results tomorrow. I now see once you have got your eating to a healthy place how much it hurts, even just that one day, to relax too much. I also know that I own all the choices I made on Saturday and it is a very valuable lesson to have learned this early on. Basically for my health and energy levels it just isn't worth even that one day off. Other people may find that they can and have no effect but for me I think my body needs this lifestyle, to be whole and heal as part of the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity journey.

I have really struggled with tiredness these last few mornings so I am reminded at the end of my workout to give myself a pat on the back. I know that some days I just have to get up as soon as the alarm goes to not give my body or brain time to realise what is going on. I know that I can push through this and I am choosing health and fitness over tiredness and slump.

I am still totally loving the food. This week includes lasagne and pizza. Two of my favourite foods! I am excited to see how to make a smarter choice but still enjoy family favourites. Lasagne last night was a HUGE hit with Quack declaring it his new all time favourite this morning. The leftovers are happily at work in Bubbas cooler bag - so can't be too bad folks!
We have found with a with minor tweeks here and there that the whole family is eating, and for the most part, enjoying the evening meals. Weekend breakfasts have been a hit in our house too with all the favourites in a lighter and/or more enjoyable way.

I do see this as a lifestyle change. Michelle is teaching me tools for life. Whether it be her workout prescriptions, nutritional plans or her mindset teachings. I feel better in myself and empowered to know I am making small changes that are sustainable in the long term. I'm not cutting our food groups or training eight hours a day. This is able to work for my life and my family and I think most people would find it is easier than you realise.

The number one point is YOU have to be ready and want this. If you're not you will find a million excuses throughout the twelve weeks to not eat right and not exercise. I still stumble and trip but the main thing is I am determined to not stay down but to get up again. Found this on pintrest this morning and it will be my mantra for this week.

So after an extremely hard week in life, fitness, health and friendships I will get up again and I will carry on. WWW here I come and whatever number you show me I will own it and I will get on with it. Moving towards my goal is one step at a time.

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