Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Life 2013

I have finally been convinced, arm twisted, and fallen in love with a style enough, to Project Life 2013. deep breath, long sentence...

Thanks to Emily. {you need to give me your blog address}

Emily has recently moved from Queensland to our little country life here. We met through the facebook page for our 12WBT here in NSW and have been training together when we can. Emily and I have hit it off like oxygen and fire. We have so many similar interests its a little scary. I find Emily to be an amazing inspiration and support in both her 12wbt transformation but also in her outlook in life. I have really fallen in love with her style of Project Life and we have sat and played and tried ideas for how it will work for me. So our 2013 kits are currently making their way from Crafthouse and I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive so we can start setting up and planning.

Emily is a true planner after my own heart. I know this is where I have been a little worried about getting into Project life in the past. I like to be organised, make lists, have a plan and have worked out every possible fall down before I commit. The way I have watched it fall over and fail for others has not given me the faith to jump in and make the purchase.
I know this coming year will be my year to Project Life - with lots of things planned to happen for 2013 - and with Emily's help, and willingness to sit and listen to my crazy ideas, I know we will both find a way to work together on our individual styles for Project Life.

With a couple of months out to January 1st 2013 maybe someone else wants to join our crazy planning group?? Whose arm might I twist I wonder? I look forward to following you if you decide to PL-2013 along and will be madly using my pintrest for ideas.

What is Project Life? Its a brainchild of Becky Higgins in an attempt to get people back into simple scrapbooking.

 You can find out more info here
Ordering for Australia and New Zealand is available here

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  1. I love that you are joining me in documenting 2013 using Project Life. I've been completely in love with the idea for years but 2012 was the first year I gave it a go. I took my lead from my amazing friend Moira who had attempted PL for several years and she was able to help me organise myself so that I wouldn't get too far behind (which I did in photo printing anyway - but hey packing a house alone, living in someone else's home for 11 weeks and moving interstate can put a serious glich in the best laid plans).

    Thanks for the kind words Jess!! My blog is Turkish Delights Can't wait for our new kits to arrive and we can sit and organise to our hearts content with a bottle of wine...or two!!!


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