Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thirteen things.... for 2013

1. Read a book a month - starting with something I wouldn't usually read {Bear Grylls - Mud, Sweat and Tears. }
2. Keep up-to-date with Project Life and post here {can't wait to start reading all the first posts in the coming week/s}.
3. Craft more, get a regular craft day.
4. Buy a new computer where the 'Y' key works - without me pressing it 20 times on average to get one Y!
5. Visit my family in Perth and explore the other side.
6. Reach my goal weight and maintain it.
7. Buy a DSLR {Canon 600D I am eye is on you}
8. Bake my way through a cookbook - I am thinking maybe Little Squares and Slices?
9. Take a girls weekend away - good food, company and shopping!
10. Do a fun run and enjoy it and run the whole thing.
11. Have a regular market stall for my crafty.
12. Complete the quilt for Jaybug and Squeak, that the fabric arrived for in December. {Of course I will blog}
13. My Blog - Every year, every month, every day, I think about how to make this space more like me. So I will be embracing my blog. Making a few changes. Finding ways to say the things I have been to scared to say here. Post more. Live more. Enjoy more. Capture more.

1 comment:

  1. Bear Grylls is hot!
    Cannot wait to keep up with your PL :) Write a "how-I'm-organizing" post, I'd love to hear your system.
    Regular craft day sounds like a great idea!
    I'd love to go to Perth as well.
    You're blazing towards that goal weight, by the end of Jan I bet!
    "Like" for the camera.
    Uh oh babies are up...but loved reading this today :) I shall keep pestering you to post regularly...esp about Project Life! xo


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