Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing.... Jagger

We welcome Jagger to his forever home in the country.
He was born 13th May 2012 (mothers day and Jaybugs birthday!) so he is only 7 weeks on Sunday.
He is a pure breed Miniature Fox Terrier.

Jagger is our first animal for the farm.
I'm sure there will be many to follow in his steps.

We will have lots to learn
 and are looking forward to lots of energetic moments with our little man.

Squeak is smitten after only mere hours and is calling him "my puppy".
I'm sure you will see a lot more of these two to come.

We can't wait for the other two to get off the school bus to meet Jagger,
 so you're lucky if you get to meet him before they do!


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