Monday, June 25, 2012

A new way of life - Buses

So its Saturday night and you've let the kids stay up late to watch Babe on 7. It's a great little movie, I remember it from my own childhood. And its over. BEDTIME.

Tucking in Miss Jaybug with a gentle reminded that tonight you have stayed up later than usual so it would be a brilliant idea to have a sleep in in the morning. I am met with a "Yep Mum, I will."

Next is Squeak. Okay so he is two but I still remind him and hope it sinks into his little growing mind. "No getting up early, you need some extra sleep". Hmmmm well hopefully he got it.

Quack is now sharing bunks in our new house (another post, another time) and goes to bed around 15 - 30 minutes after Squeak. So I get to be entertained with 17 Again. Its so wrong that Zac Efron's eyes are so mesmerizing.... Quack heads off to bed and receives the biggest encouragement of all. "ou have exceeded your bedtime by almost two hours. In the morning it would be a wonderful help to Mum if you would have some extra time in bed and not get up at the crack of dawn".

So its Sunday morning and it's 7am and..... the kids are all up fighting and screaming! Yep another failed lie in.

So roll around Monday morning. Bubba has to leave for work at 6am and that hideous 5.30am alarm goes off. Although I have been awake off and on for the last hour with the presence of a small person in the bed too. I drift in and out of sleep. I hear Bubba in his truck and hear the truck heading down the road.

Squeak rolls over and ARGGHHH!! "You're all wet!" "Did you wee my bed or your bed!"
Upon further inspection it turns out it is indeed my bed that is wet. Strip the bed, towel down for now - I'm not getting up at 6am when other children are sleeping. Duvet and sheets back on. Squeak striped and changed and back into bed.

All this activity must have invited the warmth of sleep again. Next thing I know Quack is racing down the hall and bursting into my room, ripping me from the comfort of soft, warm, pleasant sleep.
"Mum it's 8 O'clock!!!"

The children now catch a 8.20am bus 2.8km from the house. So usually we would be up around 7am and all ready and chores done by 8am. But today it seems the sleep in advice of Saturday night has finally sunk in except it is now with consequence.
I am racing around throwing uniforms at children, cereal into bowls and lunch into lunchboxes. I look over at the mircowave and discover our dodgy clock from The Reject shop is once again losing time! Its 8.22am!! Not 8.12am as the big red clock shows. (Note to self BUY NEW CLOCK)

So everyone runs screaming to the car - whilst I attempt to run a brush through Jaybugs mop. We are fling down the driveway and along the road when I see the first of the cars. The ones that belong to the other bus kids. I had been trying to convince myself with this lovely morning frost and fog that the bus would be driving slower and therefore we would make it.

Then the second car - fudge.

We arrive at the bus stop and no children or bus. Its okay Mum can still save the day! We will make it to the next stop. Off down the road again and we find the bus pulled over and we wiz in front, jump out making huge gestures to the drive to wait. Thank God for a good humoured bus driver. He is laughing as the kids make it to the bus door. I begin on my journey back home waving thankfully to the bus driver only to pass a second car with a DPS student also heading towards the bus!

So what, I hear you all asking, does sleeping in on a Monday morning and missing our bus look like!

Please note in my defence there is a load of washing pegged to the line and another currently washing...


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