Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Arriving in the Land of the Lucky

Well the wife has dragged me into this so I better share how it was coming to the Lucky Place for the first time.
Once saying the goodbye's to the family and the great dinner with wife and friends, as the wife has mentioned my last night in a bed in NZ has to be somewhat very disappointing. The bed was the worst you could imagine and not really the type of bed for snuggles and the likes (had to throw that in Hun).

Saying goodbye to the wife was emotional as I was not going to see her for a while and after the night we just had made things feel 10x worse.
I bit the bullet and said well I'd better be going now gave her a big kiss and cuddle and off i went to be meet by a Woman that could of past for as guy in customs. "This way Sir" she said in her man voice, so in line I stood behind an est 50 Asian tourist's and talking at the top of the lungs to one another. Great this is turning out to be a great start to my trip.
Get to the customs desk and takes a look at me and the guys says "good luck" oh great now what am going to be up for knowing the bag search and x-ray coming up. Get to x-ray and pull everything out of laptop bag. and empty the pockets etc..... walk through scanner and relief no buzzer, pick up my stuff and on my way.
Grab some duty free for me and my mate C, and off to the check in. Get to the dam check in and look who's there 50 dam Asian tourist's all again loud as anything (sorry to any Asians looking at this) but cmon agree with me that you don't need that at 5am in the morning on a 3hr flight. Now I know why the customs guys said "Good Luck"
Well its exactly what I got the whole dam way to Lucky Land, whilst wedged in a seat next to a 6ft plus guy who needed two seats. I had to lean out into the isle all the time to get fresh air.

So as you can see my 1st morning is a complete nightmare and there's more!!!!!!

I arrive in Lucky Land and fly through customs and go to get my baggage. I wait over half an hour for my Hockey bag to come through fragile baggage and then I'm on the hunt for Breakfast. I get to the counter and realise I am in a different country and need there money to buy breakfast so I Hold my order and whip over to the ATM with 4 bags in tow remember =mish
Get some local coin and grab my order.

I then now have to find the train to catch to the Sydney Central Train Station, grab a ticket and the guy tells me I've got about a minute to get downstairs to catch the train. I pushing my trolley with my luggage to the lift and its out of action GREAT!!!!! I then have to carry all my bags down the dam stairs plus my breakfast anybody looking at me would of been thinking what a retard!!

Get on the train and squash in for the ride, get to the central station and ahhhhh fresh air with a hitch its bloody HOT!!!!!!

Well after I get off the train I need to get to Country Link platform to catch the train to my final destination I'm running low on time too. Yet again carry all my bags down a flight of steps and head towards the Country Link platform, here my run of bad luck continues. I get to where they want me to go and up a whole lot of steps onto another platform only to then go back down at the other end and up some more and down some more to get to the platform. I stop some young girls and ask them is there another way to the platform they guide me to where I need to go and that there is elevators there to use. I felt a sense of calmness from them and moved on my merry way. Well I get to the elevators and they are also out of service (are you serious that all elevators in Sydney are down or is this trip making me feel bad the further I go???)I attack all those stairs with such anger that when I get to the Ticket agent for the train she politely asks "Hot out there Darl" She saw the anger I think and gave me the last ticket for the train in 1st class.
Finally I get to sit down and wait 10Min's for the train,

I think the man upstairs was looking after me there giving me the last ticket. I get on the train and welcomed to my 1st class seat. I wonder what cattle class is like because this was nothing special. 

 I settle in for my 5 hour train Ride to my final destination for the day and I have a passenger next to me who seemed nice enough, young guy about 16 who watched jersey shore the whole trip on his laptop. two good things about the train was seeing the scenery and air con!!!! When I get to my final destination I am greeted by my new Aussie family taking me in until I find my own abode. The heat off the train was like I walked into an oven and hard to breathe, I was whisked off home for a nice cool Coke which happened to have my name written on the bottle that C & H had been saving until I arrived. Well there you go everyone My amazing trip over and done with at last. 

Now I can settle into life in the Outback of the Lucky Land


  1. PMSL at this - esp being deprived of your "snuggles" and your mish to find the train. Glad you made it safe and sound though :)

  2. This is where you tell me the 6th photo from the bottom is our new house. Welcome to Australia honey! You have written a wonderful first post and I look forward to many more while you settle in before we arrive. You are like the overseas journo xxx


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