Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodbyes. Lots of Goodbyes. From the Kiddo's

The Friday 4th November was the last day of kindergarten and school in New Plymouth for Jaybug and Quack.

Things have happened so suddenly with the decision to pack and move, but I must say I am surprised at the children's ability to say goodbye like they were heading back again on Monday.
I suck, completely, at goodbyes. There is something missing from me. I'm not sure whether I lack an emotional gene or if I avoid emotion subconsciously. I keep telling myself that I'm not the one leaving yet, there is still plenty of time, hence never actually saying a final goodbye to friends, family and acquaintances. I didn't even go and say goodbye to our neighbours, of three years, who are completely lovely and friendly and have amazing children (ten of them) who have been very good friends to my munchkins. I just hopped in my car, closed the gate and drove away - is there something wrong with me?....

So in an attempt to feel I have tried to capture some moments for the children to look back on, as I avoid my own memories.

Jaybug's last day at Kindy

I love this action shot!

During mat time goodbyes Squeak hide in a dolls house (maybe my avoidance has been passed on?)

This is where we are

This is where Jaybug is moving to

Quack's farewells at school

Quack getting his hockey certificates from Dad/coach

Yes that's PJ's at school...

Principals award on his last day at school - I was so proud.

Classic home baking (ahem)

Quacks amazing room 3

He was sat up there so everyone could say nice things about him - very sweet

Teacher had a tear in her eye :(

Farewell Pool Party 5th November

We thought it was important for the kiddo's to be able to feel a sense of closure and goodbye with their friends. So we decided to throw a party at the pools where we wouldn't be limited to numbers and families could come together. It was a fabulous afternoon enjoyed by all. It was adorable and heartbreaking to see some very warm wishes and goodbye from good friends and parents.

Kiddo 1 & kiddo 2 leave NP 6th November

Bubba and I decided that we would send the 2 older children to Nana and Pops, in Ruawai Northland, a week before we were due to move out. This was to help them settle and also so I could get into proper dismantling. Quack and Jaybug adore being with family and its no trouble to pack them up and ship them off - even with everything going on. Nana also took a trailer load of goods to help make a dent in what we had to sell, give away, throw away or keep.

It was an emotional time for all.
Yes that's a nice face for the camera - charming.

Squeak had to farewell his bug brother and sister as he got mad that he wasn't going in Nana's car too. It took awhile to pull him kicking and screaming from the car.

Determined he was going too.

Poppa was saying his goodbyes as he lives in New Plymouth. He will see them again at Christmas but its not the same a the couple of times he may call in during the week.

And hard goodbyes from Daddy. Next time he saw them would be for a day before he flew on the plane to begin our new adventure. 

Bubba is going before us to Australia to set up life. We are all apart for eight weeks. He is staying with our dear friends who uplifted their lives and family at the beginning of the year. So hopefully we have some inside information and help on what we are doing..... maybe?


  1. What do you mean MAYBE? haha :P

  2. Awww its not the same without you, funny how you miss the lil things like just waving out when getting the mail and the ever present "Aaannnnnna wat uuuu doinnnn????"

  3. OH my goodness! What a scary move!!

  4. Such a sad time, but you have so many exciting adventures waiting for you! I totally feel you on the 'goodbye' thing. I avoid it like the plague! I actually pretended to people that I'd see them again when I knew I wouldnt to avoid that awkward moment. Yuck, it makes me shudder just thinking about it!


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