Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Squatters

Seriously this is how I feel living in our house at the moment - Squatters!. As we dismantle what has been our home into a mare house again, it is seriously uncomfortable. Things that have made us who we are are rapidly disappearing and 'things' slowly lose their grip on our lives.

I thought I would give you a sneak peak into what I have titled Destructo Home. Bits and pieces of our lives lying on the floor, or leaving out the door, makes for one madly disorganised home....

Seriously horrifying, gut turning type of horrifying.  Quack and Jaybug have been sleeping on the floor for 3 nights and Squeak in a portacot for over a week. I guess they think of it as a camping adventure while I think of the worst (begin saving for a Therapist, Jess). A bomb has literally exploded in our lives - one called relocation.

We have decided to dismantle everything that we have known, as home and life until this point, and take a walk along a unknown path. I'm sure in time I will get as excited as the rest of the family. I just struggle seeing I'm the pessimist among us. I see mess, children sleeping on floors, the heartbreak of removing toys and books that have been bonded to, the amount of paperwork we have to fill in, the people we have to notify. And all this before we even actually arrive at our new destination.

 I have spent quite a lot of time sorting, debating, resorting, unsorting and deciding on what to take in our container. Here are some of the things we have deemed "precious enough" to make the journey with us.

Yes there is definitely Tupperware, scrapbooking, sewing fabric and bits, yarn, and craft books. But then I look at what I have ask my kiddos to part with and wonder whether I haven't done enough culling of my own.  It is amazing how such a small amount soon adds up when you receive the packing, shipping and transporting bill.... Maybe I need to rethink my 'prized possessions' a little more.

You will notice that I haven't shown you what my bedroom looks like. I'm fearful of someone keeling over in shock if they were to see it. I am facing a number of mental challenges at the moment. The main one being my need for tidiness and order! I really do feel like the witch who has had a bucket of water thrown on her - "I'm melting, melting..."

Who ever said "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", I would like to meet them so I could smack them one. Seriously if I hear that one more time I think I will turn into a scene from the exorcist (head spinning, spewing green from every part possible). The kiddo's, although excited, are having some issues of their own. They have turned into gremlins. I know change unsettles animals but this is something new.

Squeak appears to act as if someone is feeding him raspberry fizzy intravenously! He is running around constantly yelling and screaming, jumping off the couch or beds trying his best Superman. The child has seriously gone a little nutty. You look up at him and he gives you this cheeky little grin. He is currently running around with a water gun making a "pffsss" noise.

He's not quite two but do I need to worry about hyperactivity yet? seriously. Next comes the wrestling and whining. Ending with crying about not getting what he want. He is constantly aimless wandering around the house calling for his sister, whether she is here or not.

FIGHTING! All three of the little darlings are constantly at each other.

So in amongst a destructo house and misbehaving children this Mumma is going a little crazy, mad, insane, call it what you will but it ain't pretty....


  1. Oh Jess :) Yes I have been there and it isn't pretty. The thing that got me through was visualising the end - that being, a brand new house, tidy, organized, without a massive amount of crap hiding in cupboards waiting to ambush me at a later date. This is truly a fresh start for you in every sense of the word! This chaos is only fleeting, I promise.

    As for Squeak, he sounds like Pudge. So nothing to worry about! Haha

  2. Stay strong Jess you can get through this you are incredible strong love you gorgeous :)

  3. Yikes, sounds like my nightmare. I just did something similar, moving to England and having to downsize out life into two 20kg bags. It's tough work, and I HATED the chaos. Write lists. Loads of them. Helps you feel like you have some order. It'll all be worth it in the end, I'm sure of that.


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